The Color Voodoo eBooks are PDFs. You can read it on any computer – on PCs and Macs.

iPads, KIndle 2nd Generation and Nook Color devices support PDF eBooks. It’s more versatile than ePub or other eBook file formats because it is not limited to a singular device.

You don’t need any special equipment. All you need is Acrobat Reader, which you probably have. And if you don’t have Acrobat, it’s free and you can download it here.

Electronic books are similar to a text document with pictures. Since Color Voodoo was created on a computer using computer colors, you’ll get very accurate colors at a fraction of the cost of a printed book. And you can always print a hard copy version as well! An added bonus is that navigation is much easier than a typical printed book. Instead of manually searching through a table of contents, indexes, and flipping through numbered pages, you have immediate access to pictorial thumbnails, bookmarks and clickable links. This makes finding things a delight.

We regret that the books are not available in printed form. Most of the books contain more illustrations than words. Consequently, the cost of printing is so high. We’ve chosen to keep them affordable and not sacrifice the quantity and quality of the illustrations.

First of all, an e-book is far more affordable than a book in print due to the high cost of accurate color reproduction.

Secondly, color accuracy is far more superb because e-books use colors that are part of all computer systems. Note: All illustrations were prepared on a system with full gamma correction and color synchronization.

Finally, you’ll be able to navigate the e-book faster and more efficiently than a printed version. Each e-book contains a “Bookmarks (Table of Contents)” and “Thumbnails”  in the panel at the left.  You can also use the “Find” command to search the entire publication for any specific content.

You do need Adobe Acrobat so you can read electronic books. You probably have it already…. but if you don’t have it, it’s FREE and you can download it by clicking here.


Jill Morton is an internationally recognized color consultant whose clientele includes Nokia and Kodak. Fortune, the New York Times, USA Today, and many others have all sought her editorial commentary about the red hot “scientific art” of color. Jill holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, has served on the faculties of the University of Hawaii and Chaminade University, and currently makes her home in Honolulu. Visit Colorcom, Jill’s business site and Color Matters, her educational website.
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