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Color Tools

4 E-Books for color symbolism

4 E-Books for color design

2 E-Books for interior design

2  E-Courses for learning the language of color

Catalogue of E-Books

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A Guide to Color Symbolism

Global Color: Clues and Taboos

Colors That Sell - Tried and Tested Color Schemes

50 Symbolic Color Schemes

Color Logic

Color Logic for Website Design

Color Logic for PowerPoint


Color Matters for the Home





More e-books coming soon

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  • Connector.

    Two aspects I really like about the books is the liberal illustration (awesome, there are so many!) and the fact that a reader can get through them in a reasonable amount of time. Your organization and clarity provide the reader with valuable expertise in short-order … Chip Yost

  • Connector.

    Shucks, I’ve only been through the guide once so far and I’m already “thinking different… Dave T., U.S.

  • Connector.

    I can send my students to your web sites and know they will come away with resources that will open their eyes to the wonders and practical realities of color … Bev Kerns. U.S.

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