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“Color Voodoo. The very term raises images of magic, as though the thoughtfully planned use of appropriate color is seemingly inexplicable. But Jill Morton’s books guide web developers through the use of color in a concise, richly-illustrated, color-accurate web format. If you want to leverage your message through the power of color communication, this series gets you up to speed quickly and confidently.”


About our customer service

“I want to simply applaud you for the incredible service that you provided.  You handled my situation quickly, and went above and beyond to understand the situation and to ensure that it would not happen to any other customer.  WOW!!  This type of service is so unusual and it left me feeling great about my purchase and about the company.  Your compensation for the little extra effort on my part was BEYOND my expectations.  Thank you for such respect for me and my time.”… Ranchelle Alexander | Certified Personal Coach and Entrepreneur

“I find it really refreshing in this age of large impersonal and convoluted business entities, to connect with a company like yours who really cares about your products, your business process and your customers. Keep it up. You have a great model going, and I hope you are experiencing great success.” …G. Brandenburg (U.S.)


The best feedback from a customer

“You’ve gathered pertinent information from vast resources into your books in an understandable language ( not dumbed down however).”

I’ve been increasingly aware of the fact that I had no real color consciousness (which considering the amount of consciousness that I have available is probably not astounding). I’ve been looking at color in a new light and one aspect of color stands out, — because computer technology (using the web) is now available lots of information is being offered about how to use it. But most of the information providers say the same things, and they are all based upon the technicians approach to producing good color on the web.

What I wanted to say starts here! You’ve gathered pertinent information from vast resources into your books in an understandable language ( not dumbed down however), and made it useful in many contexts. (as in “teach a man to fish”) I think that blur you’ve been chasing is being recognized as one of the must-have’s in digital presentation. Adobe etc. are constantly producing better tools, but tools can’t really make choices. The information you provide is needed for that. I can’t take color (and my ability to use it) for granted any longer. ( I used to think I did pretty well – at various times I painted a bit and they weren’t real bad –hmmm, I may burn for that one). I see many more web sites that are color aware, with less dependence on animations, catchy design, and goodies in general. (that may be because I’m seeing,). Thank you.

“…and the nicest part of them is that I don’t have to eat a lot of vegetables to get the dessert.”

My life’s conclusion about books is that every book should contain one good, useful, idea or concept. If I find that, then the book is worth the money. Your books are batting way above average, and the nicest part of them is that I don’t have to eat a lot of vegetables to get the dessert. The additive and subtractive points of view really make more sense than ever before and I’ve known about them since high school. (long time ago) “Saturation, hue etc. (all those parts of the ‘Voodoo’ language of color) are also simpler now. And I’ve only read it once. You done good with this one. More please.” … David T., U.S.


About the e-book series

“Two aspects I really like about the books is the liberal illustration (“Color Logic for Web Site Design” is just awesome, there are so many!) and the fact that a reader can get through them in a reasonable amount of time. Your organization and clarity provide the reader with valuable expertise in short-order.” …Chip Yost

“I feel you have excellent products that are invaluable. I searched bookstores high and low for information on color and found nothing. What I found at your site is the best. Thank you for this valuable service.” …Gregory Lemon

“Shucks, I’ve only been through it once so far and I’m already “thinking different.” …Dave T., U.S.

“Thank you for creating such a stunning product as the Color Voodoo books. I’ve long been a collector of books and information about color. As both a graphic designer (25 years) and graphic design, electronic publishing, digital imaging instructor, I have run into many of the same problems you have with finding practical, good quality, affordable material.

Your decision to go with a computer file rather than a printed book is absolutely the right one. Our personal libraries have many of the same books. One of the Itten books I own has color blocks that look like every ink was mixed with mud before it was printed on the page. Being able to view colors on screen with both the RGB and hex codes is visually satisfying and enormously practical.

You’ve produced the material I have wanted and needed. In fact, at times I have considered doing something of this nature myself. Now I don’t have to. I know the kind of work that went into your books – I am extremely grateful you did it. I can send my students to your web sites and know they will come away with resources that will open their eyes to the wonders and practical realities of color.” …Bev Kerns. U.S.

“Thank you for the work you have done. It looks like some of the best work I’ve seen with color. I teach a color and design class through my own studio in California.” …Paul G., U.S.

“After reading ’50 Symbolic Color Schemes’ and ‘Color Logic for Web Site Design,’ my chances of making good color choices for our Web site have now improved 1000%.” …Anonymous

“I happen to be a computer lab teacher for an elementary school in California, and I have been asked to design our school district’s Web site as a mentor teacher project. (Prior to becoming a teacher I was an Art major in college. The trouble is, that for the last 14 years I have devoted my time and energy to teaching, and my art skills are a bit rusty. I am now at the point in the project where I am developing the Web site’s color scheme, and I want to make sound, logical choices.

But I must admit that I was operating strictly on an intuitive level. I was trying out different “web safe” color combinations based on what felt right to me, and it was a struggle. Call it fate or whatever you want, but I found help in a timely-written (for me at least) article by Patricia-Anne Tom in “Digital Output” magazine. That’s how I learned about you and “Color Voodoo.” I checked out your Web sites and looked at your portfolio. I was impressed.

Your design is clean and your site navigation is easy to follow and logical. And…you really do know color! For that, I thank you.”

…Matt W., California



“Your material helped me so much with web design….I grab your “50 Symbolic Color Schemes,” layout out a design, and given them one of your color schemes…My clients think that it is professional…Also, I feel that my design is much improved.”  Ruth H. U.S.

“OH GUSH GUSH! Thank you sooooooo much. This is the second time that I have purchased from you guys, and I’m really happy at the convenience of the purchase, the format of the materials, and the content is so well organized.” J Paleologos (U.S.)

“Thanks for the good products. The color symbolism guide has been very helpful. Some of what is there is intuitive, but the confirmation, reinforcement, as well as the new information, is really helpful – I also think it’s going to be helpful to have adjectives that I can use with clients to discuss my decisions. Your publication is also easy to use.” ..Laurel

“What I’ve seen is very impressive. You have a knack for explaining color for designers. Keep it up! (Heaven knows that Web designers, especially, need some instruction….)” ..Jay N. U.S.

“My first thought was that finally someone was perceptive enough to realize that pdf files don’t have to be 1 1/2 screenfuls long. What a pleasure to read without scrolling up and back constantly. Even Adobe’s experts aren’t that perceptive.” …Dan O., U.S.

“I feel you have excellent products that are invaluable. I searched bookstores high and low for information on color and found nothing. What I found at your site is the best. Thank you for this valuable service.” ..Greg L., U.S.

“The books are fantastic and just overflowing with the information that my wife needs to assist her in her Interior Design class.” ..Gareth P., Bermuda

A Guide to Color Symbolism” describes color categories in terms of timeless and timely symbolism, references in nature, psychological symbolism (both positive and negative associations), contemporary culture, religious, historical/political, fashion, OSHA coding, optical/physiology, and other cultures. (The color symbolism is based primarily on Western culture.) The layout allows a designer to avoid unpleasant surprises and costly rework by quickly reviewing the symbolism of contemplated color choices.

“My personal favorite in the series is the third book, “Color Logic for Website Design.” For those familiar with color terminology, the first section, “Defining Color,” is a quick, visual review of color systems: primary, secondary and tertiary colors; warm and cool colors (know the difference between a warm and cool gray?); the three basic attributes of colors: hue, value and saturation; saturation variations (how do tints, tones and shades differ?); and complimentary colors. The review is beautifully illustrated by examples of good and bad background and web page value contrasts, as well as banner and button readability contrasts. The banner examples and tips are both vector and bitmapped. The section ends where it began, defining complementary colors in fundamental and generative terms. This fast, illustrated review of color terminology is the foundation for the next two sections of the book, “Color Harmony” and “Color Effects.” …Maura Yost

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