Color Logic for Website Design

A visual guide to color theory for web site design

The right colors engage the website visitor, attract attention, appeal to the senses, and boost memory.

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Color Logic for Website Design

Discover and enjoy new design potential with the informed use of color in web design. “Color Logic for Website Design” takes theory to application and provides a solid foundation for color usage in website design, saving time, trouble and rework.

UX web designer and degreed artist Jill Morton explains the basics and then takes you on a clear, concise, rapid-paced and fully-illustrated analysis of color terminology, color harmony, visual effects, and color psychology – specifically for website design.

Newly revised 2016 edition for the wild new world of color and website design

Here are some previews:

Color Harmony
These illustrate how a color harmony formula can be used on the homepage and content pages.

Example of using a color harmony on homepage and content pages

How color is affected by other colors

Effects of color backgroundsDo all of the red squares look the same or do they look different?
Learn how to use colors to get attention and for calls to action.

Research reveals people make a subconscious judgment about a person, environment, or product (including a website) within 90 seconds of initial viewing and that between 62% and 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. Source: CCICOLOR – Institute for Color Research

This e-book is a PDF. You can read it it on any tablet, mobile device, or computer.

What’s included:

  • 200 pages – 250 illustrations

  • The Language of Color – A clear, concise, and fully-illustrated explanation of words used to describe colors

  • Color Harmony – Step by step guidelines, seven solid formulas, color wheel diagrams & color specifications (RGB/Hex codes)

  • The Visual and Perceptual Effects of Color – How color affects the human eye, how to create visual comfort, how to use color to direct attention to the most important areas

  • Color Psychology – How colors communicate meaning and serve as a source of visual persuasion. In the final analysis, colors have a powerful influence on the critical decision – to buy or not buy.

Look Inside

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Our customers write:

  • “You’ve gathered pertinent information from vast resources into this e-book – and in an understandable language (not dumbed down however). These e-books are one of the must-have’s in digital presentation. Adobe etc. are constantly producing better tools, but tools can’t really make choices. The information you provide is needed for that. I can’t take color (and my ability to use it) for granted any longer.The nicest part of them is that I don’t have to eat a lot of vegetables to get the dessert. And I’ve only read it once. You done good with this one.” … David Towle

  • “The book has a lot of illustrations, which I find very interesting and helpful, especially for someone who has very little knowledge of colour theories. There are also a lot of charts, tables and diagrams which helps makes it easier to understand and easier to explain.” …Analyticalq

  • “Color Logic for Website Design” is the first truly integrated approach to color and website design I’ve ever seen- ” … F. Currit-Dhaseleer. – Interface & Usability Engineer

Color Logic for Website Design


Digital Format |  E-Book
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200 pages- 250 illustrations

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